As a multidisciplinary artist, Clark melds the practical functionality of graphic design—especially shape and form—with Fine Art. The resulting permeability between disciplines pushes Clark to explore the physical boundaries of her chosen mediums with innovations in modern processes, and constant experimentation with materials. Clark grew up among the mountains in a small Idaho town and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in Graphic Design. Her award-winning works are owned by collectors around the world and have been featured in international publications and media. A large installation has also been exhibited in The Smithsonian.

Fine Art

M. Clark creates dynamic conversations between constancy and chaos by manipulating heat and pressure to adhere metallic foil to varied surfaces. Her pieces reflect light in diffuse patterns producing a shifting luminosity that is unique to her work.

Clark’s creative process includes constant experimentation with materials. Each piece is created over many weeks using a specialized technique that Clark developed. She explores the physical boundaries of her chosen medium with innovations in modern process. She finds the resulting “Art” a commentary on life: “The goal is always to find balance amid the upheaval. But it’s the juxtaposition of the two in a composition that keeps things interesting.”

Clark's artwork has roots in the way she processes symbols. As a dyslexic, the multidimensional shape and arc of letters are more powerful than stringed characters forming words. She sees a linear structure broken by entropy and movement. The relationships between form, depth, and space emerge in the non-representational nature of her work.

Current Exhibitions:

“The Consistency of Chaos” | Galerie Claude Samual - Paris, France
“Arte Summer Collective” | Arte Collective, The Hamptons, NY
New York Art Center - Group Show | New York City, NY

Upcoming Exhibitions:

The Other Art Fair - Dallas, Texas | 9/19

Clark became committed to Graphic Design during her first typography class. She now specializes in luxury branding, packaging, and art direction. Her expertise allows her to implement a brand idea in all of its elements and processes. Across her years in New York City, Clark has worked with both regional and international brands and her designs have won several awards. She looks to artists like Paula Sher and Saul Bass who brilliantly blend Fine Art and Graphic Design.

Clark approaches graphic design as a powerful form of exchange. She communicates emotion, ideas, and motivation through strategic visual arrangement. Clark likes negotiating the constraints and logic in graphic design and art direction. She finds that having a style and “rulebook”–working with limitations–demands a different set of skills than those she wields in her fine art. Graphic design forces her to deliver creative material for a specific audience, in response to expressed expectations, and on a fixed schedule.

Clark works on her fine art every day. She attributes this discipline to the rigor of her process as a graphic designer.

Graphic Design + Art Direction

Select Clients

West Elm | West Elm Contract | West Elm Work
Tory Burch
La Prairie
Michael Kors
Estee Lauder
Bath & Body Works

Donna Karan New York | DKNY
Phoenix House
Pinhole Press
The Lasker Foundation
Tommy Hilfiger
Ermenegildo Zegna

Select Exhibitions

“The Other Art Fair” - Santa Monica, CA | 2019
“Arte Collective”
- The Hamptons, NY | 2019
New York Art” - Tribeca, NYC | 2019
1stdibs Design Center Gallery  - Chelsea, NYC | 2019
“Prolific Minds” - East Village,  NYC | 2019
“The Other Art Fair” - Los Angeles, CA |Spring 2019
“The Other Art Fair” - New York City, NY | Spring 2019 Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
“Illuminate” - Art Basel Week - Ret Dot Miami, Miami, Florida | 2018
“The New Yorkers Show” - Tokyo, Japan | 2018
Galleria Ca’ d’Oro - Chelsea, NYC | 2017-2018
“The Gold Experience” - Galleria Ca’ d’Oro,  Chelsea, NYC | 2017-2018
Art Santa Fe”- Santa Fe, NM | 2018

“Art and Soul” - Full Moon Gallery, ID | 2018 
“Aqua Art”- Art Basel, Miami, FL | 2017
“In/Finite Earth” - The Smithsonian Institution, Volkswagen & The Kennedy Center, Nation tour - Washington D.C., Kentucky, Colorado, Virginia, Tennessee | 2013-2015
“Every Polished Grace” - B.F. Larsen Gallery, UT | 2015
“The Advantage” – EdRev, San Francisco, CA | 2015
“Adobe Design Achievement Awards” – Adobe | 2013
“The Dyslexic Advantage” – B.F. Larsen Gallery, UT | 2013
“100 Show” – AIGA | 2013
“DVA Exhibition” - UT | 2013 & 2012
CSI Annual Exhibition” - Herret Center, ID | 2008

Current Representation